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Garage Door Broken Spring Repair/Replacement

When you need broken spring repair or replacement for your garage door, it will announce itself with a Bang! Literally. When an extension spring or torsion spring on your garage door snaps it does so with an extremely loud mechanical snap or crack sound. When it happens you should never undertake the broken spring repair or replacement yourself, leave it to experts like the Technicians at Raleigh Garage Doors. As a full service garage door, We have the team with the experience and knowledge to undertake any garage door or broken spring repair/replacement. We works 24/7 and can be there in as little as 30 minutes for an Emergency Broken Spring Repair.

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When it comes to servicing broken garage door springs, Raleigh Garage Doors urges all of our customers to be extremely cautious. The two types of springs found in garage doors can be dangerous when malfunctioning, and without the proper knowledge, experience and tools you can be placing you and your family at risk if you try to undertake the repair yourself. Whether you have a door with extension springs or torsion, we repair and install them correctly, save you money and keep your home, business, family or employees safe.

Facts About Garage Door Springs

The broken spring repair must take place while the garage door is in the closed position, this means there will be a vast tension load on the torsion spring; (as much as 500 pounds) and this will be dangerous for the DIY garage owner to handle alone. The normal garage door can weigh as little as 200 pounds, with custom garage doors weighing a great deal more, depend on size and material; that is a lot for the normal home-owner to deal with on their own, but not for the professionals at Raleigh Garage Doors.

Garage door springs are designed to last for 10,000 cycles, and this translates to a lifespan of around 10 years with normal use. If your garage door was installed with the wrong spring for its weight, it will have a shorter lifespan. That is why our experts  always perform an onsite inspection to verify the malfunction was not caused by an improper spring strength before they begin any repair.

Trying to operate your garage door when you are in need of broken spring repair/replacement will damage the opener and the other components like the motor, gears, trolley, track and rail system. Please be aware that any operation in opposition of the norm, such as, disengaging the opener can result in the full weight of the door crashing down unexpectedly on you, your family or vehicle; and can create serious damage to the door and opener.

When you need any type of service in regard to your garage door at home or business, then give us a call at 919-443-3003 and we will respond with courteous, knowledgeable staff who will provide fast and professional service backed by an up-front estimate of charges that will not change. You can also contact via  online and we will respond in a prompt manner.